Monoprice Releases Dual Extrusion Video

By on June 8th, 2014 in video


Monoprice announced a very low-cost dual extruder 3D printer last month, but we didn’t know how well it worked until we watched this video. 

Monoprice is well known for providing reasonable quality, but very low cost electronic accessories, such as cables, connectors, etc. Recently they’ve moved into bigger gear like monitors and now 3D printers. But the question has been, “are they any good?”

The 3D printer they announced carries the Monoprice logo, but we now believe it to be a relabeled Flashforge Creator, with upgraded side panels, similar to Flashforge’s newer “Pro” machine. Compare images above – see what we mean? 

Now they’ve released a video showing the printer in operation, exhibiting the dual extrusion capability. It seems to work about as well as one might expect for a dual extruder machine. It’s clearly not perfect, but that is usually due to slightly misaligned extruders – they must be very precisely calibrated relative to each other, lest you experience material extruded where it shouldn’t be. 

The results show that it’s a pretty decent machine. 

Our question now is whether Monoprice will be subject to a lawsuit by Stratasys, who jumped on Afinia when they began large-scale resales of relabeled Asian 3D printers. Monoprice might sell a lot of these machines. 

Via YouTube