CLAWZ Pre-Order Opens

3D printed fashion nail provider CLAWZ is now selling their first product: “Phases”. 

The 3D printing startup based in Shanghai has been carefully mapping out their production strategy over the past few months and is now beginning to release product – at least in pre-order form. Our understanding is that they’ve designed a supply chain that should be able to both handle large quantities of orders and produce high quality 3D printed nail products. 

The first product from CLAWZ is “Phases”, shown above. It’s a play on lunar phases, except worn on your fingertips. We’re told they have a number of other interesting designs in the pipeline that should follow Phases. That’s likely important, as Phases will be a limited run of only 100 units. 

We find this particular business fascinating, as it is a prime example of how 3D printing can open up a new “platform” for fashion that hasn’t been explored sufficiently in the past. 3D printed fashion isn’t exactly new, but the take-up rate has been very constrained due to the cost of 3D printing larger fashion items like hats, clothes and some jewelry. Meanwhile, nails are sufficiently small to be a cost-effective 3D printed item. 

For now, however, you can pre-order a set of ten silver-finished nails (including file and “3 sets of premium quality adhesive stickers”) for USD$148. 


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