Design of the Week: The Greatest Case

By on March 23rd, 2015 in Design


This week’s selection is “The Greatest Case” by Kyle Staebell and Cameron Naramore.

The Greatest Case likely is such, if you happen to have a large smartphone in your hands. The problem they’re addressing is that most people’s fingers can’t reach all areas of the smartphone’s screen. This leads to embarrassing incidents when you awkwardly hold your phone in fumbling attempts to get at the top corner. See the video here for an example of the problem:

The Greatest Case solves the problem through an ingenious design that includes structures on the rear that enable the phone to be securely held while accessing all areas of the screen. Brilliant! 

We asked Staebell about the project. 

Fabbaloo: Why did you pursue this project? 

Kyle Staebell: The idea for the case came from my love of large phones. I really believe that even larger phones will become the standard in a matter of years. I just wanted to make something that would help people (myself included) use large phones, and hopefully something people can use as inspiration to make even bigger phones than what we have today. I experimented with foam blocks to find out if there was a way to increase the distance the thumb could reach when holding a phone, and eventually I discovered this arrangement was a way to do that.

Fabbaloo: How did you go about making the case? 

Kyle Staebell: I have a friend who runs a local bitcoin center here in Denver, Colorado – and he introduced me to a group of 3 brothers who had several 3d printers. We got to talking, and once we figured out we could do this case in a copper blend, there was no turning back. I think all of us are afraid the campaign will fail, but if that happens we will at least have the satisfaction of having gone for it at least.  

You can actually purchase one of these unusual and functional cases for your iPhone or Note 4 right now on their Kickstarter page. Pricing is as low as USD$29, but they offer a variety of options for differing quantities and colors. 

Via Kickstarter

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