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By on May 17th, 2015 in printer

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A unique and portable 3D printer design by 3DSTUFFSNL has launched on Kickstarter.

When we say “portable”, we mean it. The TeeBot is literally built into a suitcase. The idea is to open up the suitcase and unfold the printer into an operational configuration. From there, you print as usual, although the spool holder is external to the suitcase. 

It’s actually quite a good 3D printer aside from the portability, too. It includes a heated aluminum bed for very reliable printing. The hot end is supplied from E3D, one of the more notable providers of hot ends. The machine is capable of printing 0.1mm layers, comparable to most other contemporary 3D printers. 

The machine doesn’t suffer in the build size department, as it includes a 200 x 160 x 200mm volume. We might have thought this would be compromised by a foldable design, but apparently not. 

Another potential concern in a foldable printer would be rigidity, and the best way is to inspect print quality. While we haven’t been able to test this device ourselves, the sample prints look pretty good, as you can see in this image. 

Pricing is quite good. For September delivery you require only £400-500 (USD$630-785), depending on whether you manage to secure one of the early bird units. 

We have two concerns. 

First, pricing is low, and we’re wondering whether the company will be able to survive with what must be very thin margins. 

Secondly, while the unit does appear portable, are there sufficient scenarios for people to make use of the portability? This has to be more than just an interesting concept to be successful. 

But we won’t know until a company tries it, and that’s exactly what 3DSTUFFSNL is doing. 

Via Kickstarter and 3DSTUFFSNL

By Kerry Stevenson

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