Design of the Week: POKO Pocket Emptier

By on July 6th, 2015 in Design

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This week’s selection is the stylish “POKO Pocket Emptier” by 3DShook. 

This item is intended to hang on the wall of your home, where it will receive the contents of your pocket when you arrive. We’ve all had the common problem of pockets growing holes due to excessive stuff placed in them – and also the problem of not being able to find keys, wallets, etc when heading out. The Pocket Emptier should help with both of those situations. 

The Emptier should be extremely easy to 3D print on almost any 3D printer, as it is a very straightforward 3D model. It has only one portion that will require support structures, namely the hook where you can hang your keys. This should be handled by virtually all slicing software. 

It’s produced by 3DShook, an interesting experiment in 3D model distribution. The service is offers (practically) unlimited 3D models for download for a flat monthly fee. The service’s in-house 3D designers continue to produce a bounty of impressive, printable 3D models each month. The Pocket Emptier is one of them.

But you may be asking, “why is 3DShook putting 3D models on Thingiverse?” It’s a good question with an obvious answer: 3DShook is looking to gain more attention to their service and by offering a few free high-quality curated 3D models, they may generate additional clients for their service. 

If you don’t want to pay the flat rate for their service, you might consider their Trial, which offers a limited set of 3D models at no charge. You gain access to their “Trial Gallery”, which holds quite a few terrific 3D models. If you like them, you might consider subscribing to the service. 

Via Thingiverse and 3DShook

By Kerry Stevenson

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