Design Your Best in Heijmans’ 3D Printed Wall Cladding Contest

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A European construction company has opened a contest to select the most innovative 3D printed wall cladding design. 

Heijmans is a Netherlands-based construction company that has had some experience in 3D printing: they were behind the famous 3D printed “Canal House” in 2014, among other 3D print ventures.

Now they’ve launched a contest to determine the best design for 3D printed wall cladding, along with partners DUS Architects and 3D Hubs. Here’s how it works: 

We are looking for innovators that can design and 3D print the 3D printed wall cladding of the future. What would this look like? Which materials, structures and colours form the perfect combination? Participants download the basic tile, make their own design, 3D print it and send it to Heijmans.

They’re specifically looking for a design that fits the specifications above. Basically, it’s a 150 x 150mm tile with the most innovative and practical design laid upon it. This size should be 3D printable by almost any 3D printer, yet is large enough to be useful as an actual tile, assuming it is sufficiently finished (painting, sealing, etc).

Don’t have a 3D printer to produce your design? No worries here – you can use 3D Hubs’ community 3D printer network to produce the tile. And according to Heijmans, they will reimburse you up to €15 on each print! 

The winning entry as selected by an expert jury will be awarded a a 1000 x 1000mm version of their design, so make sure your design will scale up! Also awarded to the winner will be €250 (USD$280) worth of 3D print materials. There’s a secondary prize of €250 for the most popular design as selected by the public. 

Thinking of a design for a facade? You’d better enter this contest, which is open now and runs until the end of the month. 

Via 3D Print Facade and Heijmans

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