Artist Don Foley’s Gift to Everyone’s Halloween

By on October 8th, 2015 in Design

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Noted 3D print artist Don Foley has released a set of free spooky Halloween 3D models.

Foley has been featured on this blog several times, usually for production of incredibly detailed 3D model kits, such as the Armillary Sphere and the SR-72. Of course, these are not the only 3D models produced by Foley, whose site sports a collection of curious designs ranging from 19th century military gear, to space satellites to ocean-going mammals. We’re pretty certain you’ll find something you like in his collection. 

For now, however, Foley has decided to release at no charge his new collection of Halloween-based 3D models, which include iron cuffs and chain (shown at top with extra skeleton hands) and a colonial lantern, both of which are most appropriate for Halloween. 

One caution: if you do print the lantern, do not put a lit candle in it, as the plastic print may melt or even ignite if you’re not careful. We recommend an LED light of some kind be used. 

We also recommend that you begin working on these parts immediately, as producing prints can take time. You may need to re-print pieces if there are print failures, and you’ll also need to assemble and paint the cuffs and lantern. Foley used Modern Masters’ set of metallic finishes to produce the amazing patina on these prints, which we successfully tested previously on “Winged Victory”. Applying complex finishes like this takes multiple steps so again, please allow time to complete all the steps before Halloween. 

Where did you find a skeleton to put in the cuffs? We’re not going to ask you that. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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