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Design of the Week: Armillary Sphere

armillary sphere.jpg

This week’s selection is the amazing Armillary Sphere by Don Foley. 

Don Foley is a prominent illustrator who has recently added 3D modeling and 3D printing as skills. After reviewing the project he undertook to design, print and finish this amazing Armillary Sphere, we would agree. 

The Armillary Sphere is an ancient device used to model astronomically important items in the celestial sphere, such as the Tropic of Cancer, the Ecliptic, etc. Invented around 140 BCE by Eratosthenes, the device was used  for basic astronomical predictions. 

Foley was fascinated with the machine and designed his own, which we have to say is a feat itself. After printing the components (with the use of Simplify3D to lay out the parts and otherwise optimize printing), he finished it by adding an aged-copper finish shown above. 

Read the whole story at the link below. 

Via Don Foley

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