ARCAM Expands: Validating The Increasing Interest In Metal 3D Printing?

By on January 31st, 2016 in Corporate

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A press release from ARCAM seeks to hire a number of different roles. What does this mean? 

ARCAM is a Sweden-based manufacturer of very capable metal 3D printers based on their Electron Beam Melting process. They may not be the largest player in the space, but this release may indicate something’s happening behind the scenes. 

Specifically, they seek the following roles: 

  • President of DiSanto Technology Inc. (Shelton, CT, USA) 
  • Area Sales Manager USA (in English)
  • Ekonomiassistent 
  • Maskinoperatör
  • Field Service Engineer (in English)
  • Global Support Engineer

What appears to be a straightforward list of typical corporate roles actually tells a bigger story. Let’s take these one at a time: 

President of DiSanto Technology Inc.: DiSanto is ARCAM’s US-based subsidiary that uses ARCAM equipment to provide metal 3D print services for custom medical implants, itself a growing industry as the population ages. 

Area Sales Manager USA: This role will coordinate a large number of sales operatives in the US. 

Ekonomiassistent: This Swedish role, presumably at their HQ, focuses on a “fast-growing export business”, and deals with administration of such.

Maskinoperatör: Another Sweden-based role, but one that involves performing quality assurance testing on newly manufactured machines. 

Field Service Engineer: A European-based role that involves handling installation, technical service and training for clients. 

Global Support Engineer: A very special Sweden-based role that involves coordinating trouble cases from installations around the world in an attempt to increase the experience quality for all ARCAM customers. 

Ok, that’s the list, but what’s the story. If you read between the lines, ARCAM seems to be a company scaling up for anticipated growth. They’re adding sales, support and manufacturing capacity. 

Sure, these roles amount to only a few positions, but remember that ARCAM doesn’t make desktop machines by the thousands like some other 3D printer manufacturers. Their equipment is high-priced and far fewer units are sold. This means that even small staff additions are important. 

Watch out for ARCAM in 2016!


By Kerry Stevenson

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