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Anarkik3D seems to have found a niche for their haptic 3D design software: Jewelry.

Anarkik3D has been around for many years, having developed a unique software package that enables 3D design using haptic feedback. What’s haptic feedback, you ask? It’s a way to provide designers using a 3D mouse instant feedback on where the solid portions of the model exist. In other words, as you move the 3D mouse around through the design space, if the cursor hits the solid surface of the model, the mouse will react to indicate you found the object boundary. 

It’s a novel approach to designing in 3D, which otherwise relies solely on 2D visual feedback. There are some simulated 3D views using stereo glasses, but really that’s not much better than having your brain interpret the 3D-ness 2D-displayed object by twirling it around. The haptic feedback adds a new dimension to the process. 

But, as you might have guessed, haptic feedback interfaces have not taken over the 3D world, and they are somewhat rare. Perhaps this is because there is specialized hardware required: a haptic-capable 3D mouse. In fact, many 3D modelers do not even have a non-haptic 3D mouse, making it challenging for those marketing haptic solutions. 

However, Anarkik3D does have such a software solution, and it seems they’ve begun to focus on jewelry design as their prime application area. I note that this type of marketing adjustment is rampant in today’s 3D printing world: most smart equipment and software manufacturers are trying to find ways for people to productively use their equipment and software. Anarkik3D is no different here. 

This makes sense: haptic design is best for free-flowing designs, rather than the creation of precision mechanical parts, and this matches jewelry design best. 

To do so, they have launched Anarkik Creations, a site dedicated to marketing fabulous 3D printed jewelry, all designed using the haptic approach and Anarkik3D’s software. 

The launch is through a crowdfunding site, where the company hopes to raise £20,000 (USD$29,000) to enable them to stock up on amazing jewelry prints and establish a high-power web commerce site for sales. 

It’s no surprise they’re doing this by selling haptic-design 3D jewelry, produced by several notable artists. To get them going, they’ve listed quite a number of fascinating jewelry designs, priced to match anyone’s budget, from £25-167 (USD$35-236). You can also purchase the Anarkik haptic 3D software package, with training if desired. 

These designs are quite unique and should pique the interest of those seeking unusual fashion jewelry. If interested, hit the links below. 

Via Crowdfunder, Anarkik Creations and Anarkik3D

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