Materialise Packages Up All The 3D Printing Software You Need In One Bundle

By on May 21st, 2016 in Software

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 Materialise's Magics 3D Printing Software Suite
Materialise’s Magics 3D Printing Software Suite

Materialise is perhaps best known for their 3D printing services to industry, but they also create very powerful software, too. Now they’ve bundled it all together. 

This video provides a quick overview:

The Materialise Magics Suite includes the relevant software you may need for your industrial 3D printing operations. It seems that the suite’s contents are adjustable, and you will need to contact Materialise to develop pricing for your specific configuration. 

The items in the suite could include any of the following 

  • Materialise software tools: 
  • Materialise 3-matic – Design Optimization
  • Materialise Magics – Data Preparation
  • Materialise Magics Reporting – Quotes and Measurements
  • Materialise MiniMagics – Free File Viewer
  • Materialise e-Stage – Automatic Support Generation
  • Materialise Build Processor – Machine Communication
  • Materialise Control Platform – Machine Control and Steering
  • Materialise Streamics – Production Management 
  • Materialise Robot – Workflow Automation
  • Materialise Cloud – Workflow Automation

This move should simplify purchasing activities by industrial clients, and likely increase sales a touch for Materialise. There will obviously be some workflow advantages to using a suite, as the components will have reasonable and proven integration between them, simplifying workflow. 

I cannot say how important simple workflow improvements can be to a 3D print production facility. The goal of these operations is typically to keep the machine running 24 hours a day (aside from regular maintenance) and spend as few labor hours as possible to keep it going. The Materialise Magics Suite may be able to do just that. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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