The Doodle3D Box

Another Kickstarter launch in the 3D printing space: Doodle3D, made by a Netherlands startup company. This product is a method to simplify the design and 3D printing of 2D line drawings. It’s composed of an app and a WiFi box that attaches to your personal 3D printer.    Using the app you can “doodle” a… Continue reading The Doodle3D Box

Crayon Creatures!

In yet another easy-for-consumers 3D printing service, Crayon Creatures provides a way for your children to receive a 3D printout of their hand drawn crayon sketches.   Using the service is incredibly easy, assuming you have a crayon sketch previously scanned into an image file. You simply upload the file, pay €99 (plus €15 for… Continue reading Crayon Creatures!