Jessie Tuscano – “I look forward to the day when I’m viewed as exceptional because of my accomplishments, not because of my gender”

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 Jessie Tuscano
Jessie Tuscano

Jessie likes to think of impossible as [usually] a state of mind. 

With sheer determination (and lots of coffee) she lives for challenging impossible things.

In elementary school, Jessie was fascinated with the universe and also directing her 4 cousins and sister in an elaborate family puppet show production. By high school, she loved physics and anatomy, but couldn’t get enough of set construction and stage management of her high school theater. 

In college, she was determined to become an engineer but found herself equally passionate about her job as a stage carpenter and volunteering in both stagehand and light board operator roles. It’s no surprise she co-founded a company that pairs game-changing 3D printing technology with the demands of the theater and film industries.

3D Printing Education, Powered by Bravura 3D, is focusing on serving the creative industry. They specialize in providing creative professionals with the knowledge and tools to take their art to the next level, thanks to 3D Printing.

Nora Toure: Jessie, could you let us know about your background and what brought you into 3D printing in the first place?

Jessie Tuscano: My background is in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering. I also have spent time studying various programming languages. From as far back as I can remember, I have really enjoyed making things. I’ve always been a curious person and grew up really interested in figuring out how computers worked. I was always the go-to person in the family for fixing the household computer (guess I’m dating myself here), although occasionally, I would break it.

One time, in an effort to create more storage on the hard drive, I accidentally deleted the operating system (oops.) I guess I’ve always bounced between being creative using physical mediums and using software/firmware. When I became aware of 3D Printing during the early RepRap years, this seemed like a perfect match for me. I think I first heard of 3D printing while reading an article about sustainability and turning plastic bottles into filament. This was at a point in time when I had reached a realization that I was at heart, an entrepreneur. There seemed like so much opportunity in this new space and it just seemed like such a perfect fit.

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By Nora Toure

California-based Nora Toure is the woman behind “Women in 3D Printing”, a group dedicated to promoting and showcasing the use of 3D printing for women. She’s also the Director of Sales & Service Factory Operations at Fast Radius, and a TEDx speaker.