The MakeX Migo Desktop 3D Printer

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 The MakeX Migo portable desktop 3D printer
The MakeX Migo portable desktop 3D printer

MakeX has launched another very inexpensive 3D printer, the MakeX Migo.

This tiny device is indeed a usable 3D printer, but its price and portable design are the highlight features. At a price of only USD$149, you’re not going to get all the fancy features of more expensive equipment, but this device is quite capable, and includes a number of what you might call “fancy features” nevertheless.

I should point out that the USD$149 price is no longer available, as it was their initial launch price for the first 100 backers. These sold almost instantly, and now the lowest price is for the basic Migo unit at a still-inexpensive USD$219. 

I say “Basic” because there are a couple of different Migo models. 

All of the Migo models sport the same style, which emphasizes portability. It’s essentially a big handle with a 3D printer attached. The very solid metal frame doubles as a handle at the top. It weighs only 2.5kg, so it’s easily movable, and can even fit in a reasonably-sized backpack. 

Each Migo also is auto calibrated with a nine-point leveling system, includes a wireless network connection and remote monitoring through the Internet. It’s designed for near-instant use, once the box is opened. 

One very interesting technical feature is the use of USB Type-C ports. The tool head is connected by a Type-C connector, making it very easy to swap and maintain. 

The two models also include an OLED screen, something not often seen on lower-priced models. 

Resolution looks very good on this device, with the standard 0.4mm nozzle able to extrude layers as small as 0.05mm. However, I suspect you’ll have to get the print parameters tuned carefully to achieve this. 

The Migo Basic is a smaller machine with a relatively small build volume of 100 x 120 x 120mm, but this should be more than adequate for the type of user attracted to this inexpensive machine. 

 The MakeX Migo L portable desktop 3D printer, showing a laser engraved wood piece
The MakeX Migo L portable desktop 3D printer, showing a laser engraved wood piece

The Migo L model is a  bit larger, with a print volume of 150 x 150 x 150mm. The larger model also sports an on-board camera for remote viewing of live printing operations. The Migo L is currently priced at a low USD$319. 

Both machines can optionally use a laser engraver tool head. You simply swap out the 3D printing extrusion head and install the engraving head, which is made a lot easier through the use of the USB Type-C port. However, the laser is rated at only 0.5W, so it’s not particularly powerful. You’ll be able to mark some materials slowly, but not cut so much. They’re pricing the laser module at an additional USD$80 for launch. 

One big question facing low-priced 3D print Kickstarter projects is the viability of the company, as there have been countless failures and delays from startups in the past. Will this be the case with MakeX’s new machine? I think the odds are quite good they will succeed here, simply because the company has previously run several successful campaigns. This is most definitely not their first machine. They’ve been producing the M Jewelry and M-One for some time now, unlike other 3D print startups that have yet to even ship a machine. 

For a low-cost desktop 3D printer, the Migo looks pretty attractive. 

Via Kickstarter and MakeX

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