Christina Perla – “It’s exciting to see a variety of people in different sectors embracing 3D Printing”

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 Christina Perla
Christina Perla

Christina Perla is Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Brooklyn-based 3D Printing company Makelab, known for producing high quality, affordable and fast 3D prints in just 4 easy steps. 

As a driven industrial designer and entrepreneur, the Pratt University Institute is passionate about seeing a concept turn into reality by bringing a model from screen to an object you can hold in your hand. At just 26 years old, Christina has already produced 3D prototypes for a breadth of big names ranging from Samsung to Ambivia to Boston Biomotion to AOL, Yahoo! and NYU to name a few. 

Past and current projects include 3D printing parts for self-driving car, prosthetic parts, prototype furniture pieces and architectural scale models. She’s also actively involved in educating today’s youth on 3D Printing as one of the fastest growing fields in technology through hands-on workshops, product demonstrations and informative tours of Makelab’s workspace.

Aside from Makelab, Christina is also Co-Founder & Creative Director for Tangent Design, an industrial design firm also located in Brooklyn.

Nora Toure: Christina, could you let us know about your background and what brought you into 3D printing in the first place?

Christina Perla: My background is in industrial design. I attended Pratt Institute for Industrial Design and from there, I’ve worked at Converse in the Accessories Design department, then a small wearable technology startup. While I was working at the startup, I began to freelance and eventually left my full-time job to freelance full time. 

From there, my partner and I decided to pool together our resources and form Tangent Design. Instead of both working in related industries separately, we decided to join forces. In this case, two was better than one!

Tangent Design is our product design & development firm. We work with clients to realize their product ideas. At the end of the project, they walk away with material that helps them advance their products to the next level.

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By Nora Toure

California-based Nora Toure is the woman behind “Women in 3D Printing”, a group dedicated to promoting and showcasing the use of 3D printing for women. She’s also the Director of Sales & Service Factory Operations at Fast Radius, and a TEDx speaker.