Resha Agarwal – “3D printing has already broken the barriers of traditional ways of design. Similarly, we have to break the traditional belief that manufacturing is a man’s game”

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 Resha Agarwal
Resha Agarwal

Resha Agarwal is the Marketing Head at Imaginarium India Pvt Ltd

As such, she is responsible for marketing initiatives of the company, catering to a vast array of industries ranging from jewelry, medical, automotive to education.

Nora Toure: Resha, could you let us know about your background and what brought you into 3D printing in the first place?

Resha Agarwal: This may sound very cheesy, but it was love and marriage that got me into 3D printing!

I was first introduced to 3D printing in 2009, by my then boyfriend (now husband), while he was pursuing his Masters in Rapid Product Development from De Montfort University, UK. We used to discuss his assignments, ongoing projects, and his internship. Back then, I had thought of 3D printing as something very interesting and something relevant only for engineers.

I come from a marketing and communication background. Having studied Consumer Psychology and Economics, my interest lies in exploring and comprehending ethnographic and individual shopping behavior. Hence, RP (rapid prototyping) or 3D printing was nothing but “engineering” for me.

Come 2012, we decided to get married and the first condition was to move in together. He was employed with Materialise in Malaysia while I was with TomTom (the GPS and navigation giant) in India. It was then that I thought of applying for a marketing position in Materialise Malaysia and here I am, six years down the line happily married and 3D printing!

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