The Wunder360 S1 3D Scanning Camera

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 The Wunder360 S1 3D Scanning Camera
The Wunder360 S1 3D Scanning Camera

An interesting 3D camera is being launched, the Wunder360 S1.

This is a 360 degree camera, similar to some that you’ve likely already have seen: it captures visual activity happening all around you. But this system adds quite a bit more. 

It’s a 3D scanning system; so not only does it capture the 3D view of your surroundings, but it processes this visual information automatically. 

It will do things like stabilize the video. I saw one application in which the camera is strapped to the back of a friendly dog, who runs around while the camera captures the scenes. The stabilized video is entirely watchable, whereas a normal camera’s view would be dizzying. 

But here’s the really interesting thing: along with stabilization, the S1 system will also process the scenes into 3D models! 

These 3D models are produced on their cloud system and are then downloadable often as soon as you return from your expedition. 

 The Wunder360 S1 3D Scanning Camera cloud processing concept
The Wunder360 S1 3D Scanning Camera cloud processing concept

In practice this means you would simply mount the camera on a helmet and walk around a scene. Then you’ve captured a 3D model of the buildings and scenery around you. It works whether your stationary or moving around. A 3D model of everything seen on the motion path can be developed. 

 Scanning with the Wunder360 S1 3D Scanning Camera
Scanning with the Wunder360 S1 3D Scanning Camera

They say that you can instantly load up a captured 3D model into Minecraft, for example, if you want to reproduce a real-life building in that virtual environment. 

But if you can do that, then you could also 3D print the model too, although there’s likely some minor file conversions and model fixing required. 

The system can be ordered until close of their launch campaign for as little as USD$135. That’s a steal for a device that could do this. 

However, this is a startup project and we must caution you that, as we’ve seen in many such projects, the project may not deliver the goods. Nevertheless, USD$135 is so inexpensive it could be worth the risk. 

The S1 launch campaign ends very soon, so if you’d like one, get on it now!

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