Design of the Week: Dr. Brain Breaker

By on August 6th, 2018 in Design


 A 3D printed brain - puzzle
A 3D printed brain – puzzle

This week’s selection is the fun Dr. Brain Breaker by MyMiniFactory contributor Thomas Buseyne. 

This is actually a 3D puzzle, with the questionable storyline as follows: 

During an experiment Dr. Brain Breaker made a terrible mistake! An explosion splattered his brain into 56 pieces. It’s up to you to pick up the parts of his brain and put it back together. Only then will you know if you are as smart as him.

And you can guess how many pieces you will be required to 3D print. 

You’re wrong. It’s not 56, because you have to 3D print the skull, too! Buseyne also includes two additional pieces representing the two assembled halves of the brain, used to hint at the solution. The total number of pieces required is thus 60.

This is not an easy puzzle to solve, and not only because there are so many small pieces. Buseyne explains: 

I also included 2 files of merged brain parts for the left and right side of the brain. This gives you the possibility to make the puzzle as difficult as you want. Are you a beginner? Then I suggest you print one side of the brain as a merged piece and use that side as guidance when you build the other side of his brain with the individual pieces. Don’t think it will become a no-brainer because there are hidden pieces in the center of the brain!

Puzzles are an excellent use of desktop 3D printers, as there are an endless variety of physical puzzles you can 3D print and enjoy. That matches well with the insatiable demand for more and more puzzles from enthusiasts. 


Via MyMiniFactory

By Kerry Stevenson

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