Katie Weimer – “We Utilize 3D Printing To Directly Impact Human Beings”

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 Katie Weimer [Source: Women in 3D Printing]
Katie Weimer [Source: Women in 3D Printing]

As VP Medical Devices, Healthcare, 3D Systems, Katie Weimer leads the company’s Denver, Colorado and Leuven, Belgium healthcare operations, specializing in Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP®), 3D printed medical devices and patient-specific anatomical models, surgical guides and templates. Katie joined Medical Modeling in 2008 (acquired by 3D Systems in 2014) and is passionate about enabling better healthcare through innovative technologies.

Katie received her master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and writes and speaks frequently on her expertise in personalized surgery.

Nora Toure: Katie, could you let us know about your background and what brought you to 3D printing in the first place?

Katie Weimer: My background is in mechanical engineering. I graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering with an emphasis on computational biomechanics where I focused my attention on rigid body modeling of the knee and TMJ.

During my thesis research, I did medical image processing to convert MRI and CT images of anatomy into 3D STL files so I could build computational models. After graduate school, I moved to Colorado and came across a company called Medical Modeling (MM) in Golden.

MM focused on 3D printing anatomical models for mostly craniomaxillofacial procedures. The company was a startup that did not have a career web page, so I sent a ‘cold call’ email, which led to an interview, which led to my first professional job doing image processing and 3D printing of anatomical models.

I spent the next several years of my career improving my skills in modeling and 3D printing, and a few short years later was on the forefront of developing 3D Systems’ Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP®) service, which was the world’s first service center approach to pre-surgical planning and patient-specific models, guides and templates.

In 2014, MM was acquired by 3D Systems and I transitioned from building the VSP business to Director of Product Development. I now lead the 3D Systems’ Denver, Colorado and Leuven, Belgium healthcare services operations. I am incredibly honored and grateful that I have the opportunity to be a visible role model in the company.

Nora Toure: Could you let us know more about your current role as VP Medical Devices, Healthcare for 3D Systems?

Katie Weimer: In my role as VP of Medical Devices for 3D Systems, I oversee the end-to-end digital manufacturing solutions as they relate to 3D printing in healthcare for our Denver, Colorado and Leuven, Belgium sites.

Specifically, this includes: volume production of functionally-optimized devices, patient-specific devices and anatomical models, and patient-specific surgical planning. Although most of my history is in healthcare, we are pushing to leverage our know-how for the aerospace industry as well.

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