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 Additive World 2019 [Source: Additive World]
Additive World 2019 [Source: Additive World]

There’s one interesting conference we’d like to point out to readers: Additive World.

This annual event, now in its seventh edition, is sponsored by metal 3D printing specialist Additive Industries. This highly focused conference attempts to overcome the biggest barrier to widespread adoption of 3D printing: knowledge.

While there are now plenty of 3D printing options available from a variety of vendors using different printing processes, the truth is that very few truly understand how to use them — and even fewer know how to use them in an optimal manner. Companies considering switching a portion of their manufacturing activities to 3D printing will soon bump into this effect, and in some cases it may even deter their venture into the technology altogether.

That’s why we support events such as Additive World, because it is specifically designed to deal with the issue. They explain:

“Additive Manufacturing technologies are developing rapidly all over the world. It’s a challenge to keep up to date with international trends, dynamic technologies and business cases. By creating an international platform where knowledge is shared, industry insights are given and international trends explained we can accelerate the learning curve and stimulate each other to bring this innovative technology to a mature level.”

The two-day event takes place, as usual, in Additive Industries’ home base of Eindhoven, Netherlands. I note that day one of the conference is at a conference center at the High Tech Campus, while the second day takes place at Additive Industries’ HQ itself. This is no doubt due to the company’s recent expansion, where they vastly grew their floor space, apparently now sufficient to accommodate an entire conference!

Additive Industries will provide experts in a variety of aspects of additive manufacturing to show attendees how it’s done. In addition to this expertise, the event also includes the “Design For Additive Manufacturing Challenge”. This is a design contest where applicants attempt to make the best use of 3D printing technologies, and this year is the fifth iteration of the challenge. Although entries for the contest are already closed, the winners will be selected and featured at the event.

While this event may not be appropriate for those very distant from Eindhoven due to travel costs, for those in Europe it should be a short excursion to attend for most. It takes place 20-21 March, coming up very soon.

The cost to attend is €550 (US$620) for the full program including all events. There are several options at lesser fees for subsets of the program.

However, Additive Industries has a special early bird discount of €125 (US$141) if you register before 19 February. To obtain the discount, be sure you use the secret discount code of “AI07”.

Via Additive World

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