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 3D-HELP training program for 3D printing skills [Source: 3D-HELP] 3D-HELP training program for 3D printing skills [Source: 3D-HELP]

This month’s community support selection is the 3D-HELP Project.

3D-HELP is an EU initiative to assist adult employability in the 3D printing industry. It’s funded by the EU through the Erasmus+ program as a strategic partnership. With several partners, 3D-HELP hopes to increase employability. They explain:

“The main aim of the project is creating innovative curricula, course content and e-learning platform, that focus on 3D printing technology. These resources will equip adults with specific skills related to ICT, engineering and technology and they are free and open for everyone.”

The project has generated an online courseware series that can provide different levels of training, from beginner to more advanced levels.

The advanced level seems to discuss truly advanced topics such as how to design specifically for additive manufacturing.

The material is provided in four languages: Croatian, Lithuanian, English, Romanian, and Czech.

Each of the three major sections are divided into several topics, which include a sequenced interactive set of lessons that should deliver the required knowledge to you.

 Screenshot of the 3D-HELP online 3D printing training system [Source: Fabbaloo] Screenshot of the 3D-HELP online 3D printing training system [Source: Fabbaloo]

The course content seems well-organized, and includes goals that are clear and each topic is followed up with a quiz to ensure you really know the material. There’s also a forum for discussion of each topic.

It seems that there are no restrictions on who can access this material. They even let me in! Thus it is likely anyone, anywhere could conceivably make use of this material, which could be quite helpful to beginners hoping to get into 3D printing.

Will this help you get a job? Not directly, but by learning these skills it may help open some doors, particularly in smaller companies that are hoping to introduce 3D printing techniques into their operations.

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