Student or Educator? A RIZE 3D Printer May Be For You

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 Rize 3D printer [Source: SolidSmack]
Rize 3D printer [Source: SolidSmack]

If you’re a youngin’ whose neurons have just myelinated or an educator who’s responsible for bludgeoning their brain tissue with knowledge, there’s a 3D printer option you’ll want to add to your lab list – A RIZE 3D Printer.

If you’re unfamiliar with RIZE, they came on the scene in 2017, introducing the RIZE ONE 3D printer at SOLIDWORKS World. It turned heads as the first (to our knowledge) to provide 3D printing in the office, with zero VOCs, zero post-processing with solvents, and no need for a technician. Then, in November 2019 at FORMNEXT, they brought the same technology to the XRIZE full-color + composite 3D printer. Both are game-changers for the office space and, apparently, for the education space.

This week, they announced 3x growth of their education customers — whether that’s three new customers or a multiple thereof isn’t clear — and it’s not hard to see why it would be attractive. In their work with New Jersey UCVTS’ FIRST Robotics Team, they brought functional prototyping and part labeling to their designs. Oh, and prevented their exposure to toxic plastic inhalation.

Other colleges and universities working with RIZE, include:

  • Wentworth Institute of Technology

  • Georgia Piedmont Technical College

  • Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Wichita State University’s National Institute for Aviation Research

What are RIZE 3D Printer Prices?

  • XRIZE Full Color 3D Printer – From US$55K

  • RIZE ONE Monochrome 3D Printer – From US$26K

Depending on the funding your design/engineering department receives, that may be affordable or expensive and, while about the cost of a book for English Lit, likely a bit stiff for a debt-saddled student. However, those are the retail starting prices and don’t represent what education or lab pricing RIZE may offer. For the capabilities offered though, it’s certainly one to evaluate for the lab or classroom.

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