Vuforia Spatial Toolbox Is a New App to Visualize and Control Machines

The Vuforia Spatial Toolbox [Source: SolidSmack]

The Vuforia Spatial Toolbox [Source: SolidSmack]

Here we go. Think of controlling your machinery, lighting systems, or robot minions with nothing but AR controls via your phone. 

PTC, who acquired Enterprise AR developer Vuforia in November 2015, has just released an open-source app to visualize, control, and create connected systems. Vuforia Spatial Toolbox allows you to explore programmatic control scenarios but also allows you to link physical systems together and control their capabilities.

The AR control app can be used on machines tracked with Vuforia Engine and via new add-ons that interface with robotic systems, Philips Hue lighting systems, Arduino, or LEGO Boost and Wedo 2.0 sets.

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