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A new online professional 3D printing course has appeared.

Eindhoven-based Addmio debuts this week, as additive manufacturing industry veteran Robin Huizing draws from ample experience at Shapeways and Additive Industries to offer a new outlet for professional training in 3D printing.


“Addm is a derivative from Additive manufacturing, the io makes it pronounceable, techy, and io is associated with input/output by engineers,” Huizing told me of the ethos behind the interesting name of his new company.

Huizing notes in announcing Addmio’s mission that he has “taught and trained hundreds of people in 3D printing” through his previous roles working directly with the technology. Now, it’s time to broaden that beyond the “presentations, lectures, workshops, and masterclasses” of yesteryear to offer 3D printing expertise to a wider audience.

He found two primary issues with the current state of educational access in additive manufacturing: scalability and access. Of course, each of these branches into further problem areas such as affordability and quality. The Addmio announcement notes:

“I started researching training programs and courses and noticed that the quality courses were often lengthy, on location, and very expensive. Affordable courses were often of poor quality and only contained general information. I decided to start a company to offer high quality, application-focused courses for creators around the world.”

3D Printing For Entrepreneurs

So Addmio is launching now with its first course, 3D Printing for Entrepreneurs.

Huizing describes three unique aspects of this offering:

  • Highly-efficient The course condenses 5 years of work floor 3D printing industry experience in 3 days.
  • 100% online The course is web-based and mobile-first so you can learn everywhere all the time.
  • Application-focused The course teaches how to select the right application and shows many examples.

Somewhat fittingly for an entrepreneurial-focused course from a new startup, this initial offering is coming to interested parties through Kickstarter. Huizing explains the project quite nicely there.

Launched yesterday, the Kickstarter is already more than fully funded — but the campaign continues until 1 June, offering more potential backers the opportunity to gain access to training at a discount, starting at $89.

The Kickstarter page is truly nicely laid out, with details on the course as well as a look into Addmio’s philosophies and intentions. There’s even a pretty creepy gif of a dude with laser eyes (because of the laser focus) to mix things up with some delightful humor; it’s a Kickstarter that really has anything you’d be looking for — chief among it all, of course, information about the offering.

3D Printing for Entrepreneurs isn’t an introductory-level class; as Huizing correctly notes, there’s more than enough of those out there.

“We are not offering you the next 3D printing for beginners course, where you will go over all the existing technologies and theoretically learn how they work,” the Kickstarter explains.

“We are also not learning you in this course how you should calibrate your 3D printer at home.

Those courses already exist and to be really honest, if that’s what you’re looking for, try Youtube. It’s free and you’ll find everything you want.”

To go beyond YouTube, Addmio is looking to the aspects anyone looking to create a business based on 3D printing would actually need to know. In addition to the course, Addmio is also offering a certificate for completion, 3D printable files, and of great interest a Startup support pack with Advisory report. These latter offerings include a one-hour consultory call with the Addmio team to discuss business plans, including strategic approach . After the call, they’ll draw up their Advisory report, which is pretty extensive:

[Image: Addmio]

As 3D printing continues to grow as both technology and industry, training efforts will need to pick up. This new eLearning debut looks like the sort of realistic approach needed to get word out, and well worth a look.

Via Addmio and Kickstarter

By Sarah Goehrke

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