Cad Crowd Announces Winners of COVID-19 Design Contest

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First place winner of cad crowd’s COVID-19 design contest [Source: Cad Crowd]

3D modeling freelancer site Cad Crowd announced the winners of their COVID-19 Design Contest.

The California-based service connects skilled 3D designers with those who need designs, and that’s something often required in the 3D printing space. Recently they held a design contest that attempted to generate unique products that could assist everyone trying to exist in a world riddled with a dangerous virus. 

I was quite curious as to what designs might emerge from this event, as it directed a large number of skilled designers against a problem. Many people are willing to give their all to help others with the problem, so this contest was bound to generate some interesting designs. 

And my suspicious were correct, as Cad Crowd announced the winners of the competition. 

Five winning designs were announced, and here they are: 

1St Place: Hook Ring by cristianonishi

Hook Ring 3D printable design [Source: Cad Crowd]

“A simple hook can be quite usefull these days, so you avoid touching things as you can grab, push, pull or press things with a hook. Importantly though is that you always have this kind of tool with you and you simply don’t forget it. Therefore the idea of integrating a hook with a ring comes in place. But it is not as simple as I first imagined, because of ergonomical problems. Only a ring normally doesn’t work, because most of the applied power would hurt the fingers through longitudinal torque on the fingers or it would just rotate it without being able of applying any torque at all. Therefore it was necessary to adapt it with two other hooks on the lower side (palm side) so that you can apply torque in any direction you need it. In other words, the ring will not rotate and it will not hurt you, since the forces will distribute through the side fingers and the palm when you close the hand.”

2nd Place: No touch multi-purpose attachment by From_the_designers_bay

Multi-purpose opener 3D printable design [Source: Cad Crowd]

“This model is of a very simple product which can just be placed permanently on a door knob or a faucet. It has a long projecting handle, by the help of which the person can operate the door or a faucet with elbow and thus no chances of contact of hands of a person with the doors and faucets.”

3rd Place: Hand Untoucher for Him and for Her by ProtoTech Workbench

Hand untoucher 3D printable design [Source: Cad Crowd]

“A device that comfortably fits in your hand and has different options including: (1) ergonomic pointer to push different buttons without touching them (elevator, alarm control box, cash withdrawal and so on); (2) strong hook to catch and lift heavy goods like 10L/2.5gallons water bottles, canisters, shopping baskets, bags and so on; (3) smaller hook for different purposes that required more accuracy; (4) curved pad inside the palm to grab the door handle without touching it; (5) Two size: for her and for him – including a thin glove; (6) easy and fast to print”

4th Place: Hold My Door by GilarPanduA

Hold my Door 3D printable design [Source: Cad Crowd]

“Want to be a gentleman who open and hold the door for the other but afraid getting closer ? Relax, you just have to pull the door with your foot and leave the rest for this mechanism to hold.”

5th Place: Cute hand Bracelet smile for no touch corona by Fadi Sayegh

Smile hand bracelet 3D printable design [Source: Cad Crowd]

“This Bracelet design help people open door, car,….etc. its a cute design.

It is intended for teenagers who do not care about this virus, since it is a nice design that will motivate teenagers and children not to use their hands to touch things.Easy to manufacture and can be manufactured with 3D printer. :)”

All of these fascinating designs are available for download from Cad Crowd right now, provided in various CAD file formats including SOLIDWORKS, CATIA and STEP/STP. If you have the ability to read those file formats or convert them to one you can process, these are wonderful items to 3D print and use during the crisis. 

The winning cad crowd design, imported into Fusion 360 [Source: Fabbaloo]

Don’t have the matching CAD software to open these files? Don’t worry, there are ways to convert these file formats into one you can use. I used Fusion 360, which many Fabbaloo readers use, but the process is a bit tricky. Check out this video to see how it’s done:

Similar processes are available in other CAD programs for importing and exporting different file formats. 

Via Cad Crowd

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