Creaform’s Latest 3D Scanner is 4 Times Faster

By on July 24th, 2020 in Hardware

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The MetraSCAN features a larger scanning area of 15 laser crosses that takes 1.8 million measurements per second. (Image courtesy of Creaform.)

Creaform, maker of 3D portable measurement and analysis technologies, recently announced the latest generation of its MetraSCAN product line: the MetraSCAN BLACK and the MetraSCAN BLACK|Elite.

The new lineup is purported to deliver the utmost quality and efficiency for manufacturing and metrology professionals while remaining lightweight, weighing in at under 1.4kg, and portable enough for use on the shop floor.

The MetraSCAN BLACK’s improvements over its predecessor are impressive. The Elite version scans a larger area, with 15 eye-safe blue laser crosses (the previous version used 7 red laser crosses), and “offers unrivalled versatility and an improved capacity to scan complex, detailed, and reflective finishes,” according to Creaform.

With the latest changes, Creaform quadruples MetraSCAN’s measurement resolution to 0.025mm. In addition, the scanner has an acquisition rate of 1.8 million measurements per second, 4 times the 480,000 measurements per second offered by the previous model.

All the while, the MetraSCAN BLACK boasts an accuracy of 0.025mm (ISO 17025 certified) and the capacity to account for any surrounding instabilities on the shop floor through a dynamic referencing system. And in combination with Creaform’s HandyPROBE, users are able to combine 3D scanning and probing.


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