DyeMansion Launches Global Industrial 3D Printing Post-Processing Platform

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Production partner Jabil offers DyeMansion services for additive manufacturing post-processing [Image: DyeMansion]

Industrial 3D printing is getting a new look as a new global post-processing partnership platform emerges.

Today, Munich-based DyeMansion has announced the launch of a new platform featuring both production and sales partners to ease access to the perfect post-processing fit for polymer additive manufacturing operations.

“The platform includes 46 strong alliances with one common goal: Transforming the manufacturing industry together. Enabling high-value products through industrial 3D-printing and world-leading post-processing solutions,” DyeMansion’s Sabrina Gugel told Fabbaloo.

These 46 alliances represent partners offering DyeMansion technology for truly global availability, with networked locations around the map:

The DyeMansion Partner Platform [Image: DyeMansion]

DyeMansion Post-Processing

Post-processing technologies from DyeMansion include dyeing, which may be intuited by company name alone, as well as advanced smoothing and other finishing solutions.

The young company has been speeding forward in its portfolio expansions, just this spring announcing 17 dynamic colors for HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology to take standard grey parts to a new spectrum of vibrance. This is quite a nice addition for a company launched just five years ago with 13 standard colors available overall. Indeed, DyeMansion now offers colors from neons to a significant chunk of the RAL color system.

We’ve spoken with the German company often over the years, and have seen them grow in their consistent dyeing quality to additional offerings like their PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) and VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS) processes. They also address post-processing needs like depowdering and shot peening.

The company has continued to grow, including via a $5M investment round in 2018. Much of the basis for growth is, as ever, through direct contact with investors and industry alike — and, as the latest announcement indicates, with partners.

DyeMansion Partner Platform

[Image: DyeMansion]

“Alliances are the basis to transform the manufacturing industry together. Those and the final touch that our solutions provide are key drivers to produce high-value  products at scale. We are proud to have built such a strong platform with partners worldwide, offering DyeMansion technology and sharing the same vision,” said Kai Witter, Chief Customer Officer at DyeMansion.

On the production side, DyeMansion now offers easy access to partners that “are capable to produce high-value products at scale in DyeMansion quality.”

The 28 production partners include:

  • Austria
    • 1zu1 Prototypen
    • DISTech
  • Belgium
    • Materialise
  • Canada
    • Advantage Engineering
    • Solaxis
  • China
    • Mophene3D
  • Denmark
    • Damvig
  • Finland
    • 3D formtech
  • Germany
    • FKM
    • Hasenauer & Hesser
    • blue production
    • Formrise
  • Italy
    • HSL
  • Poland
    • Materialise
  • Singapore
    • Jabil
  • South Africa
    • Akhani 3D
  • Sweden
    • Prototal
    • addema
    • Prototal GTP
  • Switzerland
    • prodartis
  • United Kingdom
    • Additive
    • Prototype Projects
  • United States
    • Jabil
    • JawsTec
    • DI Labs
    • 3D Logics

“With a partnership between DyeMansion and JawsTec, we will be able to provide our customers with the highest quality 3D printed parts after post-processing on the market for a cost effective price. Making it easier to access for small and large businesses in developing and production line products in the manufacturing industry. 3D printing provides flexibility with instant production and will be the way of future manufacturing because of its ability to make changes to the parts and finishes that are now achievable with the DyeMansion solutions,” said Oscar Klassen, CEO and Co Founder at JawsTec.

On the sales side, DyeMansion explains that this new model “offers different levels – from a flexible entry version up to a Platinum status, which includes an entire end-to-end postprocessing workflow onsite.”

The 18 sales partners include:

  • Australia
    • Global3D
  • Austria
    • Techsoft
  • Canada
    • CAD MicroSolutions
  • China
    • YUNS
  • Germany
    • deruckerfachmann.de
    • EOS
    • Solidpro
  • India
    • Shree Rapid Technologies
  • South Korea
  • Poland
    • Centrum Druku
  • Singapore
    • EOS
  • South Africa
    • Rapid 3D
  • Spain & Portugal
    • 3D Maquinser
  • Sweden
    • PLM Group
  • United Kingdom
    • Matsuura Machinery
  • United States
    • Cimquest
    • EOS
    • MasterGraphics

“The DyeMansion Print-to-Product workflow is a perfect complement to HP Multi Jet Fusion technology and enables us to offer our customers a complete solution for the 3D-printing process chain. We’re particularly excited that DyeMansion technology will give our customers in the Automotive industry the ability to overcome the strict color requirements of 3D-printed parts for automotive interiors,” said Hargurdeep Singh, VP of Additive Manufacturing at CAD MicroSolutions.

Via DyeMansion

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