Digitizing the Industrial Workforce with Innovapptive

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The world population is expected to grow from 7.6 billion to 9.7 billion by 2050. This boost will naturally result in an expansion of production for all industries—from food and beverage to construction and life sciences. More workers will be hired to support manufacturing operations.

At the same time, COVID-19 has brought many industrial operations to a screeching halt due to the need for extreme social distancing. Frontline operatives reporting to work have been expected to perform their duties with limited access to experienced mentors, resulting in a skills gap that desperately needs to be bridged. It’s an era of new safety procedures, risk assessments and contact tracing—if you want your operations running without interruption.

Innovapptive Inc., a Houston-based digital transformation provider, strives to connect machines, methods and workflows seamlessly with industrial managers, supervisors and workers through its patented Connected Worker Platform. The code-free app digitizes and integrates SAP, IBM Maximo and GIS operational data with 150+ prepackaged and reconfigurable work instructions, standard operating procedures (SOPs), checklists and compliance forms—streamlining asset management, maintenance and inventory processes to enhance enterprise resource planning (ERP).

In other words, Innovapptive allows organizations to instantly share information through a system of field-ready business applications in areas of operation including inspection, inventory management and plant maintenance. Office personnel can now gain visibility to critical field information in real-time, while field workers can view updated priorities to ensure that time-sensitive issues are addressed first. The end result is an upgrade in productivity, bringing in the next generation of industrialization.

“Using our patented tool, a plant manager or supervisor can digitally create or change a mission-critical form—such as a safety inspection form—on the fly via a desktop or mobile app in less than 30 minutes,” says Sundeep Ravande, Innovapptive’s co-founder and CEO.

RACE Dynamic Forms are a key component of Innovapptive’s Connected Workforce Platform, with practical applications including safety incident reports and maintenance checklists.

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