The Twist Of Twist 3D Printing: $29 Black PETG Parts

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The Twist Of Twist 3D Printing: $29 Black PETG Parts
[Source: Twist 3D Printing]

Sometimes the twist of an idea is that it’s straightforward. Such is the case for Slant 3D’s new service, Twist 3D Printing, which is offering flat rate prototyping.

3D printing today offers a lot of options, from technologies to colors to services. On the whole, that’s great news: so much is possible. But sometimes being spoiled for choice can lead to being paralyzed by choice.

The team at Slant 3D is taking away some of that paralysis — as long as you’re good with a black PETG print. They’ve recently launched Twist 3D Printing, which encompasses its offerings with some pithy one-liners:

“If it fits it Prints.”


“Any print you want, as long as it’s black.”

The latter carries a nice hat tip to Henry Ford, who famously promised the early Model T to customers in any color they wanted — as long as it’s black.

So here we have any print you want, as long as it’s black, as their new service streamlines 3D print ordering to two simple factors:

  • Black PETG
  • $29

That’s…that’s about it. That’s what you need to know about Twist 3D Printing.

They do go ahead to explain a bit more of the ethos behind the launch, though, as Slant 3D says:

“Today, when a user is ordering a 3D Printed part it is standard to have them upload a model, and then sort through 10-50 settings ranging from material, to process and infill, to shipping. All this wastes the user’s time and often does not result in a good output anyway. Twist is meant to make it simple enough so that the customer knows what to expect every time and is not required to have an expert understanding of the process.”

Slant 3D is putting its large 3D printing farms — including the 800-machine-strong Print Farm Beta — to use to support Twist.

A portion of the hundreds of Mason 3D Printers at Print Farm Beta [Source: Slant 3D]

For the launch, everything 3D printed will be made using black PETG, which Slant 3D notes is “a good functional and aesthetic material,” made at 0.2mm resolution.

Every part ordered follows a simple process, as they lay it out:

  • You Part Must fit within an 8x8x8 inch Build Volume
  • Upload a .STL or .OBJ
  • Pay a Flat Rate of $29 for 3D Printing of All Models
  • Your model will be printed within 1-2 days and shipped to you.

They add:

“Overtime Slant 3D does intend to expand choices. But Twist was created to address the complexity in an industry that is inundated with options. So for now, black PETG will be the Foundation.”

Via Twist 3D Printing

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