Book of the Week: Feck Perfuction

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Book of the Week: Feck Perfuction
Feck Perfuction [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Feck Perfuction: Dangerous Ideas on the Business of Life” by James Victore.

This is not a book about 3D printing, but it could help you make use of 3D printing, because it’s about creativity and design.

Victore is an independent artist and designer who has provided successful designs for noted clients for many years. His experience in taking on creative challenges and succeeding has been bottled up and put into this short book.

In the 3D print space there is a lot of room for creativity, and in fact it is one of the primal forces that has driven the technology forward. Individuals have taken their visions and transformed them into reality over the course of years to deliver today’s 3D printers, CAD software, engineering materials and certainly product designs.

The folks that made that happen had something inside that drove them forward. But not everyone has that “something”.

If you’ve ever hit the wall on creativity, not knowing how to proceed or even where to start, you’re definitely not alone. Conceiving of a new product, concept or process is not easy and it takes considerable creativity and energy to make it happen.

Many people get stuck in a rut and are unable to proceed, even though that might be the most important thing to do. There are countless tales of folks who just couldn’t take that next step forward, and it’s a shame because so many ideas die in that way.

This book is a way to counteract these natural struggles. Victore’s short 164-page book takes you through several sections to trigger your creativity and release the energy required to act on ideas you generate.

There’s a bit of psychology at work here, as the first section deals with what Victore calls “voice”. He says:

“Your voice is who you are. Maybe not the ‘you’ you carry around every day, but the one yelling from the inside, demanding to be heard. Your voice is the way you see the world and how you translate it back. When you train your voice and allow it to grown and be heard, that beautiful sound will carve a path for you to follow for life. Conversely, if you fail to use your voice, others will be in charge of it. And you. Never give in, never surrender. Your voice is your most powerful tool.”

Victore proceeds in the book to examine the problems of how to start something, from before to during. This is, to me, one of the most critical steps in any venture: starting.

There’s also chapters on how to take action, create good habits to maintain things over the long term, and ways to ensure you’re doing all this effort for a good purpose.

To those readers who are already active types, building a business or inventing new things, this may not be news. However, there are very likely many readers who have always wanted to do something, but could never quite figure it out or get started.

This book is for you.

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