Design of the Week: Winking Owl Key Holder

The Winking Owl 3D print [Source: Cults 3D]

This week’s selection is the Winking Owl Key Holder by Martin Vojak.

Czechia-based Vojak has produced a number of unusual 3D printed design, mostly fun items for the household or 3D printed fashions. This design is of the former category.

It’s a ridiculously simple design, but its animated appearance changes the objects from an inanimate hunk of plastic to a seemingly-alive robotic owl pasted on your wall.

Vojak says:

“He probably won’t kick a potential key thief in the finger, and quite likely the key thief would steal an owl as well. But …. look at her! Those eyes of hers!”

The Winking Owl Key Holder 3D print in operation [Source: Cults]

The device’s intention is to provide a hook to hang keys from, but it becomes so much more: the eyes of the owl open when keys are placed on the hook. Our brains interpret this as the owl looking at you, and that’s how the magic effect occurs.

As with any mechanical 3D print, there is some assembly required, but it doesn’t look too difficult.

Once assembled, it’s easy to see whether keys are hung: they owl’s eyes will be open. Of course, you can also see the keys.

While you can have fun trying differently colored body and eyes when 3D printing, Vojak says he has provided a link for alternate eyes designs for the Owl if one so desires.

The project and files are available on Cults 3D for download, but not without a charge. Fortunately, the fee is quite low, being less than US$2.

For that fee, this 3D model is certainly worth the money.

Via Cults 3D

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