Hello Fabbaloo!

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Hello Fabbaloo!
This is me receiving the Best Overall Junior Project Award at the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium 2018 [Source: Manitoba Schools Science Symposium]

Hello! I’m Fabbaloo’s newest writer, Madhu. It’s nice to meet you.

3D Printing And Its Entrance Into My Life

Funnily enough, I can pinpoint the exact moment when 3D printing first became a part of my life. As an avid scientist, after winning a gold medal and Best Junior Individual Project at the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium (MSSS), I was invited to the Canada Wide Science Fair (CWSF) in 2017 and in 2018. During my first time at this event, I witnessed a project that used 3D printing technology to develop a simulation tool that trained general surgeons in rural communities to perform emergency craniotomies during life threatening situations.

This is me presenting my project on Recycling Used Diapers to Optimize Plant Growth at the Canada Wide Science Fair 2020 [Source: Canada Wide Science Fair / Youth Science Canada]

Before this experience, I had never really thought of 3D printing as anything more than a hobby or a fun pastime project, but afterwards it became a topic of great interest for me. I educated myself on the different methods, implications, and applications of 3D printing, which naturally brought me to Fabbaloo. 

Fabbaloo’s straightforward and informative approach to reporting 3D printing finds has definitely won me over. All of their articles are meticulously written with the benefit of the reader being first priority, which is likely something that has helped Fabbaloo become a frontrunner in 3D printing media.

After getting in contact with Kerry Stevenson — the founder of this site — I have learned a great deal more about the industry and am glad to join this wonderful team as a writer.

Who Am I?

This picture depicts me presenting my work in science to the Right Honorable Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and Science Minister Kristy Duncan
[Source: The official photographer of the Prime Minister’s Office]

As for me, my name is Madhumita Chandrasekaran and I am currently a grade 11 student with a passion for learning — be it about 3D printing or the world around me. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I am a 16-year-old who loves to experiment with technologies that can improve life for people across the world.

As mentioned above, I have been invited to the CWSF in both 2017 and 2018 to present my project on corn and potato starch bioplastics as well as another project featuring recycled diapers as a means to optimize plant growth. For the latter project, I was also invited to the Prime Minister’s Science Fair at Parliament Hill to present my work to the Prime Minister of Canada among other political VIPs (including MPs, Cabinet Members, Ministers, Senators, and a Nobel Prize Winner). For my work in science, I have been featured on news channels like CTV and newspapers including the Winnipeg Free Press and the Winnipeg Sun.

This picture features me at the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba with my parents, teachers (Mrs. King and Mr. Thorlakson), and MLA Sarah Guillemard, where I recieved recognition for my achievements [Source: Sarah Guillemard – Twitter]

Aside from my academic involvements, I am an athlete who regularly plays a variety of sports at a competitive level as well as an involved volunteer in my community. I have been the University Panel Director on the Project Pulse Winnipeg Executive Team, where I have helped plan annual health sciences conferences with a University Panel, Professional Panel, and Keynote Speaker for high school students (2018-2020). Additionally, I am an instructor at Swimmingly, where I teach differently abled kids to swim and am regularly involved in cultural activities.

Through writing for Fabbaloo, I hope to share my skills and further my professional experience, while doing something that I am genuinely passionate about — working with words and technology.

By Madhu Chandrasekaran

Madhumita Chandrasekaran is an enthusiastic high school writer who is passionate about words and the world around her. Madhu first became fascinated with 3D printing when she attended the Canada Wide Science Fair in 2017 and witnessed a project highlighting the applications of bioprinting.  In the following year, she achieved a gold medal at the CWSF and an invitation to present her project “A Novel Approach to Efficiently Recycle Used Diapers in Optimizing Plant Growth” at the Prime Minister’s Science Fair at Parliament Hill, for which she received wide recognition.  In addition to receiving numerous awards for her work in STEM and Writing, she was the University Panel Director on the Project Pulse Executive Team for two consecutive years (2017-2018 and 2018-2019) and is a Swim Instructor for differently abled kids at Swimmingly.

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