Create it REAL Receives Significant Investment

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Create it REAL Receives Significant Investment
Using an expanding set of 3D printer tools [Source: Create it REAL]

Create it REAL has received an investment of €3.1M (US$3.6M).

The Danish company has been around for quite a few years now, but many people in the 3D print community may not have heard of them. That’s because they don’t normally sell products to the public. Instead, they work behind the scenes, working with 3D printer manufacturers.

Create it REAL Background

High-speed real time 3D printer controller board [Source: Create it REAL]

Create it REAL started by producing a unique 3D printer controller board that was so fast it was able to keep up with ultra-high speed 3D printing. And by high speed, I mean 400mm/second, which is startlingly fast for 3D printing.

I personally saw equipment running up to this speed, and they were able to produce reasonable quality prints, despite the rapid motions. Of course, not all motions were at that speed, as the motions system would slow down for turns and jumps, but overall speeds were definitely increased.

Create it REAL would sell these boards to selected 3D printer manufacturers seeking to increase the speeds of their devices. However, in order to do so the installation of the Create it REAL board had to be accompanied by machine tuning to physically accommodate the speed boost.

Since then, the company has progressed by extending their reach deeper into the 3D print lifecycle. They’ve offered a 3D print streaming system that can securely transfer 3D print jobs over a network, which is aided by the decryption capabilities of their powerful controller board.

These days they offer a complete suite comprising of not only the electronics, but also hardware and software solutions that all work together. This notably broadens the scope of market they can address. 3D printer manufacturers can come to Create it REAL to obtain a powerful core engine for their products.

REALvision beta software [Source: Create it REAL]

One of their more interesting products is REALvision, a powerful 3D print slicing system that they’ve begun to offer to 3D printer manufacturers. Last week Fusion3 took them up on the offer for their machines.

Create it REAL Investment

Jean-Pierre Gay, CEO of Create it REAL [Source: Create it REAL]

The success of these products by the company has apparently led to additional investment. This round represents €3.1M (US$3.6M), and was led by Investo Capital, a VC specializing in Danish technology startup companies.

I believe this will be the largest investment received by the company thus far.

Create it REAL CEO Jeremie Pierre Gay said:

“We see a significant increase in companies from different industries, who approach us, because they have realized that they can disrupt their business with 3D Printing, creating new applications. But they just do not know how to apply the technology – and how to integrate it into their existing business model.

This is where we can help; applying 3D printing and pushing the limits of the technology is what we do; and this create significant value for those companies who then can go on to disrupt their market. We have the expertise and all the technology bricks to provide a complete offering for both 3D Printer manufacturers and specific vertical industries. With this investment we are going to expand our global presence and create key partnerships to boost the 3D printing adoption”.

From these words it seems that the company will be using the funds to grow their marketing and sales operations worldwide. This is a good step, as I see many smaller 3D printer manufacturers struggling to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. One way they can do so could be by adopting Create it REAL’s systems.

Via Create it REAL

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