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CBC Covers 3D Printing

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada's government-owned media network, recently posted an article introducing the 3D Printing concept to its readers (mainly Canadians, we suppose.)

This continues a trend of mainstream media gradually bumping into our tech space, and relating it to the public. The highlights of this article:

  • The inevitable comparison of the technology to Star Trek: "Tea, Earl Grey, hot!"
  • Claims that "virtually every industry that needs to create prototypes of product models — from toy and hairbrush makers to toaster and cellphone designers — is using them."
  • Lists the numerous benefits of using 3D printers for manufacturing and design work.
  • Building anticipation for Desktop Factory's inexpensive printer.
  • Explanation of media cost as an obstacle for progress.
  • Quote of the article: "It eliminates all the artistic labour in making the model"

We beg to differ on that last one. There is artistic work involved - but it is being done by the operator of the modeling software, not someone with balsa wood and an exacto knife. 


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