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Stratasys Reports 3Q09 Results

We like to follow Stratasys's financial results because as one of the major public companies involved in the 3D Printing and rapid prototyping space that issues financial reports, we believe we can get a feel for how most of the industry is doing.

This past quarter Stratasys reports revenue, shipment and income all lower than the same quarter in 2008. However, it's not all bad news, even though revenue was down 21%, shipments down 9% and income down by 57%. They are still profitable and still in business.

In the second quarter 2009, Stratasys's results were worse when comparing quarter over quarter: revenue was down 21%, shipments down 18% and income down by 79%. Things are slowly starting to improve.

We're sensing this is beginning to happen in a number of industries, not only 3D Printing. Everyone cross their fingers!

Via Reuters

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