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Micro-Machining Process

Swiss-based BESTinCLASS, developers of the very cool Micro-Machining Process  (MMP), have come to terms with EOS, makers of laser-sintering equipment for exclusive use of MMP in the UK. We're a little puzzled, since we heard earlier that BESTinCLASS had awarded exclusivity to First Surface.

Nevertheless, we believe this finishing process is quite interesting. The process apparently uses a combination of mechanical, physical and chemical techniques against a surface. Key features:

  • Surface finishes can be controlled selectively up to a mirror-like polish
  • Costs and turnaround times are predictable and controlled
  • Finishes can be reproduced to industrial standards for multiple parts
  • Treated parts are free from contamination

You can see the results in the image above.

We wonder whether MMP could be used on metal 3D printed objects? Or better yet, included as a feature in 3D printers. That capability would certainly raise the profile of 3D printing outside of the technically-oriented early adopters, because smooth finishes appear more professional to the uninitiated.

And everyone loves shiny objects.


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