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Battle at EuroMold

EuroMold is a massive trade conference held in Frankfurt each year, billed as "World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development". According to European Plastics News, this year poses to be a showdown among low-cost 3D Printer manufacturers. We add that it's actually just the *commercial* 3D printer manufacturers, as we could not find any of the hobbyist makers on the absolutely monstrous exhibitor list. 
Neverthless, the usual suspects will apparently be in attendance with their low cost commercial 3D printers, including:
  • Objet - Alaris 30
  • ZCorp - ZPrinter 150 and 250
  • 3D Systems - BfB3000
  • Solido - SD300
  • Stratasys - uPrint Plus
  • EnvisionTEC - Aureus
We suspect they'll be exhibiting the larger siblings as well. EuroMold runs from December 1-4, and we hope you'll make it. When will PP2P, MakerBot and RepRap attend?

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