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HP Ready to Ship 3D Printers

In an update to the blockbuster announcement in January, DesignNews reports that HP will very soon begin shipping their new 3D printers to five selected European countries, eventually widening their market to the entire globe. The printers are being manufactured by HP's partner and 3D printing leader, Stratasys at their Minnesota plant. 
DesignNews believes Stratasys must "dramatically ramp up" their assembly plant capacity to accommodate the demand for the new printers. They suggest that demand could grow from today's 4,000 commercial units sold annually to as much as 50,000 per year. OMG!
If that's so, then our suspicion that HP's massive market presence would drive huge demand may become true. This can only be good for 3D printing, regardless of which device you prefer, because general knowledge of the technology will increase significantly. But let's wait to see what HP will offer. Has anyone seen the specifications? 

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