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3D Print an ATM Skimmer!

Attention Criminals: you'd better buy your own 3D printer; DO NOT use a 3D printing service to build parts for your bank job, or you'll be apprehended. 
That's exactly what happened at 3D printing service i.Materialise, whose sharp-eyed operators managed to catch what appeared to be the card slot of an ATM being printed! The suspicion was that the part could become a key element in a card-skimming operation, where the unsuspecting ATM customer withdraws money - and has their card info illegally scanned - while they are completing a normal ATM transaction. 
The 3D printed part would have been used to replace the ATM's standard piece, and no doubt include a sneaky card scanner inside. Once scanned, the card numbers can be used for evil later on - or more likely sold outright for others to use. 
i.Materialise says:
Fortunately, our engineers were quick to react, and after communication with the customer, the decision was made to decline the order. We do not support criminal activity and will do everything in our power to prevent possible crimes. The 3D model of the device was very well designed, and we would like to urge everyone to be aware and take extreme caution when dealing with ATM machines.
We agree with that. Do the authorities have any idea of the crimes that might occur using this tech? Perhaps we should just ban 3D printing right now? Erm. 

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