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Ponoko's Electronics

Distributed manufacturing service Ponoko has added some new materials to their shelf. Actually a *lot* of new items, and they are electronic! No, you're not printing or extruding electronics, but instead they are selectable components that can become part of your creations. The list of components is astonishingly long, ranging from fourteen different styles of accelerometer to twenty-four Zigbee wireless units. In all, there's apparently 1500+ electronic components available to choose from. 
What does this mean? For starters, you can now manufacture (in the case of Ponoko, this means buying an instance of someone else's creation) or sell a creation that includes electronic features. Can you imagine the amazing toasters that will emerge? All levity aside, we believe electronics will bring a massive new wave of creations to the Ponoko market. If your imagination was blown out before, you'd better upsize it yet again. 
Via Ponoko (Hat tip to Derek)

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