Ponoko’s Badass Black

Ceramic 3D printing services are not exactly new, but there are limits to the colors offered by popular 3D printing services. Ponoko has announced the availability of black ceramic material.    Previously Ponoko offered a variety of pastel-ish colors, including Green, Pale Blue, Peach, Periwinkle, Teal, White and Yellow. The new colors include a choice… Continue reading Ponoko’s Badass Black

Ponoko’s Color Ceramics

Ponoko has announced the availability of seven different colors for their glazed ceramic 3D printing material.    They previously offered four colors, but now add Yellow, Green and Pale Blue. Even better, they’re offering a discount of 10% off any orders using glazed ceramic until July 29th.    Now you can make that coffee cup… Continue reading Ponoko’s Color Ceramics

Ponoko’s Glossiness

Distributed manufacturing service Ponoko has announced a new material for their 3D printers: black and white glossy plastic. This ABS plastic (for use in their Dimension 3D printers) is durable and strong – and glossy! Prices range from USD$1.88-2.00 per cubic centimetre, depending on your Ponoko membership.    Via Ponoko

The Personal Factory 5: Apps!

Ponoko has taken a step to solving one of the biggest problems in the 3D printing/making industry today: How do you make custom items?    The problem is straightforward: 3D printers and other making devices can produce pretty much anything, once provided with a design. However, the goods produced are typically more expensive than those… Continue reading The Personal Factory 5: Apps!

Anderson Joins Ponoko

Wired editor in chief Chris Anderson has joined the advisory board of Ponoko. This is a very interesting development as it indicates growing and high-profile interest in personal manufacturing. Ponoko already has some interesting characters on their advisory board, including TreeHugger’s Graham Hill, CafePress’ Fred Durham and DesignLedFutures’ Ross Stevens.    Anderson has for a… Continue reading Anderson Joins Ponoko

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Make $80,000 With Just an Idea

Personal manufacturing doesn’t have to take place on your premises using your own equipment. It can be outsourced to Ponoko, the personal manufacturing company. Ponoko posted a very interesting story of one of their users who managed to bootstrap his way to a cool USD$80,000 – starting from nothing!    It started with an idea,… Continue reading Make $80,000 With Just an Idea

Ponoko’s Electronics

Distributed manufacturing service Ponoko has added some new materials to their shelf. Actually a *lot* of new items, and they are electronic! No, you’re not printing or extruding electronics, but instead they are selectable components that can become part of your creations. The list of components is astonishingly long, ranging from fourteen different styles of… Continue reading Ponoko’s Electronics

Ponoko Arriva in Italia

Distributed manufacturing hub Ponoko continues its invasion of Europe by opening an Italian front. They’ve partnered with a local fabrication shop, Vectorealism, to produce your items locally in Milan.    The Italian operation joins the Ponoko club, which now boasts manufacturing hubs in San Francisco, London, Berlin and the 10,000 Garages of 100KGarages.com.     Oh,… Continue reading Ponoko Arriva in Italia

Ponoko Hubs the UK

Distributed manufacturing platform Ponoko has announced they’ve got a new manufacturing hub: London, UK-based RazorLAB. This adds to their already established empire of hubs including New Zealand, San Francisco, Milan and Berlin. What does it mean? Greatly decreased shipping costs for makers using Ponoko’s services. In fact, Ponoko has actually been subsidizing shipments to the… Continue reading Ponoko Hubs the UK

Ponoko Makes MakerBots!

What does a personal manufacturing service from New Zealand have to do with a 3D printer kit manufacturer from New York City? A lot more now, apparently. The two organizations have teamed up to leverage each other’s strengths.    MakerBot has opened a Showroom on Ponoko, where you can purchase and customize not only your… Continue reading Ponoko Makes MakerBots!


As we suspected a short while ago, Ponoko has announced a new build location in Europe. The new hub will be located in Berlin, and joins the existing build hubs in San Francisco and New Zealand. This development means European makers or consumers will have significantly less shipping costs when using Ponoko: For example the… Continue reading EuroPonoko!

Ponoko Mystery?

New Zealand-based personal manufacturing service Ponoko has posed a mystery with an obscure post on their blog. The entire text of the post is: Hello Europe It may be snowing…. but some bright rays are on their way. We know that Ponoko has already set up a satellite manufacturing hubs in the USA (San Francisco… Continue reading Ponoko Mystery?

Ponoko’s List

You’ve probably heard about Ponoko, the New Zealand based personal manufacturing and marketplace service. You can not only have your item built with their facilities, but you can also mark your item for sale and others can have Ponoko build it for them, too. And you get paid for it! One of the interesting twists… Continue reading Ponoko’s List

The 20,000 Meet the 6,000

This is quite interesting – a partnership between Ponoko, producers of a terrific personal manufacturing and sales platform, and ShopBot, makers of inexpensive CNC Routers. What they’ve done is create a new gathering place for both designers and fabricators: 100KGarages.com. The idea is that designers (or shoppers) on Ponoko who find a great design now… Continue reading The 20,000 Meet the 6,000

Big Things Brewing at Ponoko

  Ponoko slipped out a very interesting admission last week regarding a new capability they’ve been working on for two years. It’s the ability to plug your own fabrication device into their network! Apparently in Q4 of 2009, they’ll release the new function, while they are searching for beta testers today. According to their blog… Continue reading Big Things Brewing at Ponoko

Ponoko Overwhelmed

  Ponoko, the innovative self-manufacturing service recently opened a new hub in San Francisco to more rapidly serve their North American clients. Previously, Ponoko had only one manufacturing hub at their secret New Zealand base. Now we find that demand for service at the USA hub has apparently outstripped Ponoko’s capacity: With our new USA… Continue reading Ponoko Overwhelmed

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Ponoko Invades North America!

  That inventive New Zealand personal manufacturing company sent landing craft across the pacific and has established a beachhead in San Francisco. Their next objective: we’re not sure, but North Americans should get used to Ponoko being close by, as you can now get your manufactured goods much more quickly and less expensive. Just make… Continue reading Ponoko Invades North America!

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Ponoko in the News

We always get a little excited when fabbing hits mainstream news because it means we’re getting a teensy bit closer to a world of digital fabrication. One example of this comes from 3News New Zealand, who’ve recently done a short piece on Ponoko, their local (and global to the rest of the world) 21st century… Continue reading Ponoko in the News

Two Routes to Low Cost

  Fluid Forms poses an interesting question: how to obtain an inexpensive 3D printer. They correctly point out the two possible courses of action for obtaining inexpensive 3D printing solutions: Commercial units, such as the Desktop Factory and MCOR printers. Open Source hardware solutions such as RepRap, Fab@Home and the recently announced MakerBot The problem,… Continue reading Two Routes to Low Cost

Succeed with Ponoko

Ponoko, one of the pioneers of distributed personal manufacturing and sales, has posted an interesting video that describes their methodology and cites two amazing examples of how people are succeeding with this new technology approach. Alan Chao designed a beautiful coaster of letters and brought it through the idea, design and build stages to be… Continue reading Succeed with Ponoko

Shapeways Bumps into Ponoko

Shapeways, the European-based 3D print service that is working very hard to make it easy for laymen to produce 3D objects, is stepping into Ponoko’s territory. Ponoko is a repository of 3D models and designs that you can manufacture on demand. Ponoko also allows you to sell prints made from your plans to anyone perusing… Continue reading Shapeways Bumps into Ponoko

Ponoko’s Designmake Prime

Ponoko, one of the most innovative self-manufacturing services we’ve yet seen, has come up with a new service for makers: DesignMake Prime. It’s similar to their regular service, which allows individuals to create designs, manufacture products and even sell them online. But the the new service has some key differences. Here are the new bits… Continue reading Ponoko’s Designmake Prime

Desktop Factory is Ponoko’d

Our friends at the revolutionary manufacturing service Ponoko recently interviewed Cathy Lewis, CEO of Desktop Factory, the company attempting to market a quality 3D printer for less than US$5,000. We’ve interviewed Ms. Lewis here, but Ponoko covered different areas. Some highlights we noticed: Desktop Factory believes their big opportunity lies in providing 3D technology to… Continue reading Desktop Factory is Ponoko’d

Ponoko Exclusive

One of the most interesting companies in today’s fabrication space is Ponoko, a New Zealand based start-up that seems to be a mashup of a 3D print service, eBay and design library. We thought we’d better take a deeper look at them, and we interviewed Steven Kempton, Ponoko’s Blog Editor. Fabbaloo: Tell us the story… Continue reading Ponoko Exclusive

Ponoko Contest Winners

The lads at Ponoko (a New Zealand-based prosumer-oriented fabbing service) have announced the results for the Invitation Round of their Jewelry Design Challenge. Truly amazing designs were devised by Ponoko’s customers. Steven from Ponoko said: There were a spectacular number of creative and interesting designs, and it was VERY hard for all involved to choose… Continue reading Ponoko Contest Winners