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Keep Up The Support

Designer Dr. Thomas Modeen, whom we've written about recently, has come up with another unusual design: various species of bowls and bottles. The unique aspect of this design is that he's incorporated support material into the final object. Normally this stuff is used only to support overhangs and is swiftly removed after the print completes. However, designer Thomas has left the support attached as it's actually part of his design. By tweaking the support settings he's come up with some variations. According to Modeen: 
...a set of FDM fabricated bottles and a bowl where the, usually discarded, support material plays an integral part in the completed design... The designs were inspired, in a roundabout way, by the the works of the Italian painter Georgio Morandi... 
They look good, but don't put any fluids in the bowls as the supports might dissolve!

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