Shapeways Re-Silverizes

After an inexplicable absence, 3D Print service Shapeways has re-energized their silver printing capability. Originally introduced some time ago, their silver material disappeared for a short while but now is re-instated as an available material. According the Shapeways, the new silver has "a better price and the same amazing quality."


The cost of a silver print is, of course, pricey. The new price is USD$40 plus USD$20 for every cubic centimeter over the first. 

Readers should note that they aren't actually printing in silver - instead, they print a wax model, which is then used to create a traditional mold from which the final silver model is cast. An optional extra is a glossy finish, presumably generated by toiling Shapewayers buffing late into the night.


And we really like that shiny bunny!


Via Shapeways

General Fabb

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