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The Mysterious BluePrinter

We've found another 3D printer manufacturer: the Denmark-based BluePrinter, but we can't tell you much about it. The only information is a one-page website that not only includes the logo above, but also this enticing description: 
Blueprinter develops a 3D printer, which is based on Selective Heat Sintering (SHS). The proprietary SHS technology produces high grade 3D prints similar to SLS but in a more robust, simple and affordable way.
Now this sounds interesting. We contacted BluePrinter CEO Las Melvin Scharf to see if he'd tell us more about their mysterious 3D printer. He said: 
We are indeed developing a 3D printer based on a proprietary technology called Selective Heat Sintering. Selective Heat Sintering works by sintering cross-sections of the model in thermoplastic powder layers ‚ much like existing laser based technologies but in a simpler and more robust way. We print in a quality similar to SLS. 
It is still a bit too early for us to answer all your questions but to give you an idea: It is an easy-to-use and affordable office machine that you would typically place on a table next to the paper printer.
So there it is, until BluePrinter has more to say. We'll be listening. 

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