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ReplicatorG 25 Released

If you've got a MakerBot, you'll want to upgrade to the latest release of ReplicatorG, the software that prepares 3D models for printing on CupCakes, Thing-o-Matics and similar 3D printers. RepG is always undergoing continuous improvement, so it's no surprise that a new release is out. But this one has some interesting features that should make life a little easier for MakerBot operators. Here's a few we noticed: 
  • Stored home positions, so that one no longer has to find and edit the correct start.gcode file to include the unique offsets for your Thing-O-Matic
  • Skeinforge 35 is now the default, with the addition of v40 for experiments
  • Frostruder support for the Thing-O-Matic
  • Drag and Drop support for STL and GCODE files
  • Network proxy support, meaning you can use your Thing-O-Matic at work!
And of course countless bug fixes. Enjoy!

The BFB 3000 Plus

Mass Customization is On The List