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MakerBot Is Hiring (Again)

MakerBot, that Brooklyn, NY-based 3D printing startup that always seems to be in the news is hiring again. We noticed a post recently in which they are trying to recruit yet another worker bee, this time a Customer Support Tech: 
You’ll be responsible for eloquently representing a growing DIY 3D printer and technology company to it’s customers directly. Via email, on the phone, or in person. You’ll help customers solve their technical challenges, sooth their nerves, and reinforce our brand. It’s a challenge, but it’s a dynamic, fun one.  
It sounds like a terrific job for the right person, working in a cutting edge startup company alongside some cool folks. But there's another message here: this is a strong indication of MakerBot's success. Consider these recent job postings: 
Yep, they're successful, all right. But where are they putting all these people?

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