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Industrial Revolution 2.0

Industrial Revolution 2.0 is the name of a special event taking place at this year's London Design Festival. This event is located at the Victoria and Albert Museum, as are some of the other events. It turns out that most of the items on display at Industrial Revolution 2.0 are 3D printed by 3D print service Materialise. According to the Festival: 
Renowned New York-based design gallerist and curator Murray Moss will collaborate with industry leader Materialise, Belgium to create this special exhibition which pushes the parameters of 21st century 3D 'printing'. A series of unique 'printed' works, using cutting edge laser and digital technologies to build three-dimensional objects, are placed throughout the Museum's most important galleries, wittily referencing eight of the Museum's key pieces and spaces.
Expect to see 3D printed tables and other very cool items during the Festival's nine days between September 17 to 25th. 

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