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Visit the Cube Bar!

There are many interesting things to see at Euromold if you're into 3D printing, but perhaps the most noticeable is 3D Systems' incredible "Cube Shop and Cafe". Yes, it's an actual bar, the first thing you see upon entering Hall 11, home of all 3D printing vendors at this year's Euromold conference. 
The bar's purpose, of course is to raise awareness of the Cube personal 3D printer. But that's not all. There are actual drinks, 3D printed doodads and some pretty decent music. You'll also see some items for sale, including high-end 3D prints and of course any of the piles of Cube 3D printers (marked at €1449). 
We've never seen a trade show booth like this one, so we thought you'd like to take a visual tour. 
The layout is indeed much like a bar, including stools, drinks and drinkers. 
Behind the bar you will not find a showcase of fine spirits. Instead you'll see more Cubes. 
To avoid chilling your fingers on that cold drink, the glasses have 3D printed handles. 
At one end of the site there's a small store stocked with many very interesting 3D printed items, including this amazing lamp shade. 
You might also consider buying a 3D printed purse. 
More than likely the iPhone case would not fit snugly. 
Perhaps you'll be interested in a colorful figurine? 
Or maybe a 20cm tall full-color robot? 
Perhaps, but we'd settle for one of these. 

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