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Design of the Week: Flux

This week's selection is Flux by artist Daniel Hilldrup. This fascinating piece is obviously quite simple in its exterior structure, but it's interior is far more complex. 
Functionally, it's a simple capacity-three candelabra formed from a square box. However, the interior structure is almost in motion as it seems to exude from the inserted candles. 
This piece was 3D printed on an Objet 3D printer capable of multiple materials. In this case, black and clear materials were used to great effect. Clear is such a wonderful material for 3D printing
According to Hilldrup:
'Flux' is a statement on the transference of energy and its transition and total transformation from one physical state and form into another. 
If you happened to attend the recent 3D Printshow in London, you might have seen this item in person. 

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