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The Most Dangerous Person in 3D Printing

Wired has named their list of the "15 Most Dangerous People In The World". The list includes some certainly dangerous types, such as Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, Mexican drug kingpin of Ciudad Juarez, but also includes some persons of questionable dangerousness, such as the scandalous former Army intelligence officer Paula Broadwell. 
One name we were surprised to find was none other than Cody Wilson (above), leader of Defense Distributed, a non-profit group dedicated to developing 3D models of gun parts for free distribution. Their plan (from their site): 
  • Develop a fully printable firearm
  • Adapt the design down to cheaper 3D printers
  • Become the web's printable gun redoubt
Wilson and seven others make up Defense Distributed, which has encountered challenges in meeting their objectives. Their Stratasys 3D printer was reclaimed by the manufacturer after it was learned of their purpose. Recently Thingiverse moved to remove weapons from their popular 3D model repository. 
Nevertheless, Wilson and crew soldier on in their quest to develop printable firearms.  
But is Wilson truly the 14th most dangerous person in the world? 

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